Sunday, March 15, 2009


I recently came across a cheap White Darth Vader on eBay! Someone actually wasn't trying to charge full retail price for a loose figure, of which isn't even the entire comic pack it was released with! So now, Darth Vader (white) faces Darth Vader (black) on my bookshelf for the ultimate lightsaber duel. Quite remarkable really.

In other news my daugher fed our dragons again yesterday. I thought that phase went away but apparently not. Why should I expect so when the house is subtly adorned with them? Better yet, I have never stopped "feeding the dragons" and love "living" in fantasy worlds, so why should I expect anything else from a child with a great imagination?

Last, the kitchen Ogres threatened to throw quite a rucuss, and possibly bite, if there home gets moved. They are quite comfortable.


  1. I don't have dragons on my shelves. But I have plenty of Aliens.

  2. I hear you my love. The kitchen ogres will be keeping their "keep" atop the cabinets.

    You didn't have to blog about it though...=)

    (I know, that never kept me from blogging about something.)